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How to record skype and save to MP3

With easyVoipRecorder, Skype Phone calls are recorded to regular audio MP3, then you can edit and share with friends like regular media files.

With easyVoipRecorder you could record, store and play Skype Conversations. 

To Record your skype calls to MP3 you need to follow this instructions.

1) Download easyVoipRecorder to record Skype conversations.

2) Install easyVoipRecorder skype call recorder.

3) Execute the easyVoipRecorder

4) Open skype

5) Perform a skype call or a skype conversation

6) Press the record button in the easyVoipRecorder screen.

7) Press the stop button to stop the skype call recorder.

Thats all now you could listen or export your conversation to MP3 or Wav.

Skype Recorder Features
  • record skype conversations.

  • record skypeIn skypeOut.

  • windows skype call recorder.

  • mp3 voip call recorder

Some features